About Me

Hi, my name is Zigmars I’m a designer and photographer based in Latvia (small country in Europe). I specialise in fashion, portraits and travel photography. I have a strong background in graphic design which heavily influences my work, I love strong use of color, light, and composition. Over the past few years I have also been drawn to Lightroom and Photoshop image processing techniques which I share with other photographers through social media.

Now I make Lightroom Presets that have now become internationally very popular and are helping transform amateur photographers from all around the globe. Our packs of presets were handcrafted by my and my friends of photographers, all having years of experience shooting hundreds of subjects in every possibly lighting situation Used by thousands of photographers every day, brilliant Lightroom presets are transforming amateur photographers around the world into working professionals.

Time to move to the next level.
Time to learn new horizons